The History of Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love has many different meanings in every single language but there is a universal traditional day when people express their inner feelings for each other, either love or friendship. Valentine's Day was coined as the exchange day for those with these naturally feelings for others, throughout all cultures.

The origins of Valentine's day are traced back to the Medieval era associated with the Catholic Church feast day, but love and fertility nexus with this particular date falling on February 14 comes from the ancient times of Greece, when the Athens calendar included a period between mid January and mid February called the Gamelion, a month dedicated to the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera, hence associated with love and fertility.

Lupercalia, the festival of Lupercus, the God of Fertility, was the equivalent in the Roman Empire and taking place on February 15, time of purification rituals. Lupercus was represented as a half-naked man dressed in goatskins. His priests sacrificed goats to the god on this day and after drinking wine, they ran through the Roman streets holding pieces of goat and touching anyone in their run including women in the belief to receive an easy childbirth.

There is no written reference about how Saint Valentine became the romantic love protector, in fact the Catholic martyrologies mention three different Saint Valentines under the date of February 14; a priest in Rome, a bishop of Interamna, and a martyr in the Roman province of Africa, making even more obscure the origins of this celebration.

However, in the 5th century the feast of Saint Valentine was officially decreed to be on February 14 by Pope Gelasius I during the year 496. In a later assumption, this could be just an attempt to supersede pagan holidays like Lupercalia celebrated in Rome until then. Apart from this historical setting, the rest is just legends.

Throughout time, the gift of blooming wild flowers was a common practice to demonstrate romantic love or affection between partners on Valentine's Day. Daisy flowers became a sort of "yes-no" love divination. Today, daisies have their own meaning of innocence and loyal love, associated with the fifth wedding anniversary.

During the 19th century, roses took their place having different meanings according to their color or numbers of flowers given on Valentine's Day. It was during the Victorian century when relics exhumed from the Roman catacombs of Saint Hippolytus were identified with Saint Valentine.

In 1836, the relics were donated by Pope Gregory XVI to the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland, but once again, the obscure origins of Valentines (or Valentinus) and his relics are alleged to lie at the reliquary of Roquemaure in France and in Sankt Stephans Kirche in Vienna.

Instead of an uncertain Saint image, the 19th century associated the figure of the winged Cupid to Saint Valentine's Day, along with and heart-shaped outline cards and paper cuts to be sent with flowers on this day, tradition remains today when a wide array of flowers can be chosen online and delivered anywhere just by placing your order via the internet.

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Look Great on St. Valentine's Day

When you are side by side the person you are in love with, you are naturally overwhelmed by the wish to look attractive and sexy. Especially, with the approaching of St. Valentine's Day every lady is looking for new ideas to add to one's appearance more charm and refinement.

Add Brightness and Gentleness

The celebration on St. Valentine's Day often implies an intimate romantic evening. A luxurious evening dress as the one preferred by Hollywood stars are not exactly what you need. It is better to stop your choice at a gentle cocktail dress in a wide range of variations.

The shades of gold are still really popular as they add a matchless duskiness and magnetism to a female's skin even if she is blond. You may prefer any metallic glitter - golden, silver, bronze -that will be featured by an open camisole, bead-embroidered straight dresses or a short bolero-jacket decorated by a golden cord.

A black dress represents an internally classical alternative. Today it is fashionable to wear a black mini dress with slinky silhouette, open shoulders, arms and decollete, and a number of vents. For example, some designers place their vents parallel along the length of the dress or at the sides, or a dress may have geometric vents at the front.

To add more piquancy to your appearance, try wearing pelerine. Fur pelerines are really nice and provide a lot of comfort.
If you are more eager to resemble a young lady who has just graduated from college, put on a light silk or chiffon blouse with puffed sleeves, a dark trapezium-shaped skirt with lacy trimming or flounces, low-heeled shoes and one more charming detail - a string of beads. Such a gentle appearance will surely arouse the most tremulous feelings in your beloved.

By the way, sentimental bows are found among the most favorite decorative elements of the leading designers. Bows will create around you the atmosphere of femininity, caress and gentleness that will be really appealing for any modern knight. Consider the following ideas - a thin ribbon at the waist with a tiny bow; a wide satin waistband with a magnificent bow; gentle boluses with a bow; a bow placed at a deep decollete or a skirt's vent.

Some Minor but Magic Details

If you are ready to let free your imagination - choose any clothing item form lace, guipure, airy chiffon or flotant satin. It is not always compulsory to acquire something new - just try to find a new combination of your favorite items of clothes, having added some eye-catching fresh detail. Remember about accessories. By wearing another pair of ear-rings or a gentle golden chain, your look will be magically transformed into a more festive and attractive one. An elegant watch is also a detail that may do wonders.

Prestigious watch-making brands introduce watches that will match the style even of the most refined dress as they feature a rich variety of designs, color combinations, materials and functions. Some of the present-day watches are just indistinguishable from real jewelry pieces. If you would not like to spend too much money at a watch, pay your attention to collections of replica watches offered by on-line stores.

Replica watches feature top quality at the price affordable for everybody as they are produced from cheaper materials and in much shorter periods of time. Still, qualitative replica watches are not really distinguishable from the authentic ones. That is why some ladies even purchase a collection of differently-styled replica watches to have a timepiece to suit any dress and any occasion.

St. Valentine's Day is a celebration able to unite the hearts and help two people in love become closer. Use all the opportunities to look irresistible and spend the evening in the most wonderful way.

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Sing Me A Love Song On This Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What makes a great love song? The truth is, a songwriter didn’t compose a great love song, a singer didn’t sing a great love song, but the ones who listen to it make it great, especially when two twine together as one – a romance. We, therefore, are the ones who pick it one in “Top 10 love songs” or “Best love songs ever.”
Even my ex-boyfriend and I used to have that as our song - “Lover, I don’t have to love” by Bright Eyes. It seemed foolish because its song title, lyrics, and even melody are bittersweet and melancholy. We didn’t understand why we were listening to this song over and over, maybe just because we both found it a remarkable rhythm at that time. However, love don’t live here anymore. Now I have to forget the sad tune, find myself a new squeeze who sings me a new “our song.”

Ah, Valentine’s Day! Every February 14, and during the weeks leading to this day, couples send beautiful flowers, meaningful cards, and sweet chocolates to their darlings and explore their romantic sides. And a perfect dreamy night with serene melodies is the norm. So, sing me a love song and be my Valentine! When your sweetheart comes to say this to you, what song will you choose? There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to turn our musical choices passionate.

Recently, I’ve heard some wonderful love tracks. So, narrowing down my list to just 10 “best of” tunes took a lot of thought. If you don’t find your favorites here, send me an email at Now, cool off and sit awhile with me, and read some exciting stuffs about my picks of 10 romantic songs for Valentine’s Day:

1) You And Me (Lifehouse)
It makes my heart melt. There is a sense of peacefulness every time I hear this song. Such a melodious and gifted voice! All in all this is a true gem.

2) The Other Side of the World (KT Tunstall)
This nice radiopop is well crafted and remarkable. What I mean is that I keep remembering this song because I like the way she sings and phrases. A sparkling new singer-songwriter.

3) The Scientist (Coldplay)
The song is beautifully crafted and the unprocessed passion in Martin's voice is almost heartbreaking. The best love song yet! An incredibly moving song!

4) You’re Beautiful (James Blunt)
Just beautiful tune! This piece means so much to me and although I’ve heard it many times I still enjoy listening even now. A unique voice that really stands out.

5) Smooth (Santana featuring Rob Thomas)
This has a nice Santana feel. This smooth song rocks. This awesome Latin song is just sensual and also great to dance with.

6) Wherever You Will Go (The Calling)
If I could make you mine, I’ll go wherever you will go. Thumbs up for the melody.

7) If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Faltskog)
“And in the winter snow, my songs would keep you from the cold.” The lyrics are soooooooo nice and so is the voice of ABBA. It’s totally enjoyable to hear her crystal clear pure sound once again.

8) Crazy In Love (Eminem)
Love the title and love the song! And oh, the lyrics! Slim Shady finally created a non-classic-rap. It sounds like a poem “You are the meaning of my existence, ”You're essential to me, You're the air I breathe, I believe if you ever leave me, I'd probably have no reason to be.”

9) The Look Of Love (Diana Krall)
The look of love sees the invisible in the visible and the sound of love is smooth. A gorgeous love song. A cuddle by the fireside with the one you love.

10) When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Westlife featuring Diana Ross)
Westlife is back to raise you up with a new cover of a famous song. Moreover, this song is a nice comeback to the pop ballads that made them well known. Just tell your honey that you adore her or him with this cute tune.

Why don’t you make your own love song CD with “our song” as a special gift for your significant other on this special occasion? You might want to visit another collection of Top love songs at They are offering full-length downloads of all tracks in the CD.
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My Ideas For The Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's day is nearing. It is the day when the most unromantic soul will feel the love in the air. Can one imagine, what will happen to the lovers? They literally go mad with love. Thinking of ideas, meeting their love, exchanging gifts, expressing love. All the romantic lovers have already gone in the mood of valentine and are eagerly looking forward to it.

Can one imagine the condition of one who has lost his Valentine? Whose Valentine has left him to some unknown place? Whose Valentine has left him alone to shed tears of loneliness? What thoughts will come in such a lover's mind. This poem is one such cry from a lover whose valentine has left him.

My Ideas For The Valentine's Day.

Valentine's What ideas can I think of? This Valentine's Day? To make you happy. To make you feel more of my love. For I don't know, where are you?
What gift can I give you? Chocolates, a jewelry piece, or a cute teddy bear? On the Valentine's Day. For I don't know, where are you? What can I talk with you? What shall I hear from you? On the Valentine's Day. For I don't know, where are you? Who shall I tell about my worries? With who do I share my thoughts? With who shall I share my goals? On the Valentine's Day. For I don't know, where are you?

Where have you gone? Why did you go away? Where do I search for you? When will you return to me? My Valentine. Where ever you are. Know this much, that I am mad in love with you.

My heart cries for you. My eyes search for you. My soul is empty without you. For I love you. When I shall watch, other lovers. Meeting on The Valentine's Day. I will cry over my fate. I will cry over your absence. I will cry all alone. For there shall be no one, except God to hear my cries.

I am waiting for you. Please come back. Oh, God, let her read this. Let her know that I am waiting.
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Valentine's Day - Why Rose Is The Preferred Flower?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The world is full of flowers. Visit any place dedicated to flowers and you will be amazed at the types of flowers, and facts about them. Flowers come in all shapes, and colors. Some of them can intoxicate you with their lovely perfume. Some are so delicate that one fears touching them. And all of them are stunningly beautiful. still, it is the Rose which is preferred around the world as a flower of choice on the Valentine's day? I wonder about this. And though I have not tried to search for the reasons, here is my own theory on why it is so. One another fact struck me. We can get Roses in many colors but still it the dark red that is preferred as the flower of love. Why?

Let us first think about the color choice. I think that dark red must be the preferred color as it looks like red. And every true lover is ready to shed his/her blood for the beloved. Also love is associated with the heart, and heart pumps blood. So red signifies love. Colors have their own significance, looking at any white color, the first thought is of purity. Same way red means love.

Now let us examine our central theme. Why Rose? A Rose has thorns. But the thorns are below the Rose. The Rose represents life beautifully. It has very soft petals, that tell us about the soft side of living and thorns to convey that life is not all the bed of Roses without thorns. What does a lover do? A true lover will always take the thorns and give only the soft flowers to his/her darling. That is love and love demands that one give only comfort to one's darling. Love demands sacrifice. Love demands giving of joy. Love demands that all pain be kept away from the beloved. That is also the message a lover sends across to his/her beloved with a Rose. I have kept the thorns with myself and I am sending you these soft flowers . I think this is the reason why on Valentine's day, the red Rose is the flower of choice.

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The Importance Of Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February is coming, and it will bring the day of love with it. Most of the lovers are already planning for the day. What gift to give, where to meet, what to do to make the day more romantic than any other day?

Why and how is Valentine's Day celebrated?

No one quite knows, why it is celebrated, but it surely makes a big difference in life of lovers. This is the most important day for lovers. They all go mad in love on this day,and can think of nothing but how to please their beloved. It is recorded that business of jewelry takes a big jump during February. So does the business of flowers, candies and cards. Every other gift that can be thought of is bought across most of the countries of the world and is sent to the beloved.

What about others?

Valentine's Day may be the most important day for those in love. What about others? Let us take a look at today's world. Wars, terrorism, fear, murders, and every other destruction that can disturb a peaceful life is the norm. Open a newspaper, watch news on television or read it on Internet, the disturbing news is getting predominance. It depresses the common person in the world. Isn't it? What does a common person think of the future of such a world? Can anyone be optimistic? Can anyone visualize of peace dawning around the world, countries co existing in peace with each other and no ethnic wars being fought anywhere?

What does one look forward to in such a world? I think that most of us have become so numb with disturbances, both man made and natural that we have stopped thinking of future. For a large majority it is "let us try to live peacefully today".

Valentine's Day and the world peace -

With so much destruction going around,, shouldn't one welcome a day, when love reigns supreme? A day, when hatred and destruction takes back seat and one only thinks of love? What if we begin a new way of celebration? Begin sending love messages to our enemies. Begin talking of love and peace and try something that can reduce our conflicts with others? Why keep the day confined to romantic love. Take a step forward and make it a day to make every human being love another. Irrespective of race, nation, religion, etc. Break all the outer barriers and try to touch the heart of all we can? Can this be done? Let us at least think of Valentine's Day as a day, when all the hatred and enmity is forgotten and it is the song of love that is played around.

Is that not a big contribution of this day? That is why it is so important.

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The Mysterious Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 14th, the holiday of Love! Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. Who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday? The history of Valentine's Day -- and its patron saint -- is shrouded in mystery. St. Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. The Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred - none of whom were associated with roses OR chocolate.

Most scholars believe that the St. Valentine of the holiday was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. During this time, around 270 A.D., emperor Claudius ll prohibited marriages for young men, claiming that bachelors made better soldiers. Valentine continued to secretly perform marriage ceremonies but was eventually apprehended by the Romans and ordered by Claudius to be put to death. But his courageous blessing of the bonds of love may have earned him a notable place in history.

Another legend has it that Valentine, imprisoned by Claudius; fell in love with the daughter of his jailer who visited him during confinement. Before he was executed, he allegedly sent her a letter signed "from your Valentine" an expression that is still used today. We could say this marked the very first Valentine’s Day.

Possibly the most plausible story surrounding St. Valentine and his day is one not focused on Eros(passionate love) but on agape (Christian love): he was martyred for refusing to renounce his religion. Subsequently, his love for his god may have gone down in history.

Our final possiblity for the origins our our holiday: It could be that we celebrate Valentines Day on the 14th because this is the day that St. Valentine died. However, some believe that the celebration of Valentines Day was an attempt by the Church to civilize the celebration of the pagan Lupercalia festival - held on the 15th of February. Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus. Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine's Day around 498 A.D. The Lupercalia festival was deemed un-Christian and outlawed.

Valentine's Greetings

The oldest known valentine gift still in existence today was a poem written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. The greeting, written in 1415, is part of the manuscript collection of the British Library in London, England. According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated one billion valentine cards are sent each year, making Valentine's Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year. (An estimated 2.6 billion cards are sent for Christmas.) The first commercial Valentine's Day greeting cards produced in the U.S. were created in the 1840s by Esther A. Howland. Howland, known as the Mother of the Valentine, made elaborate creations with real lace, ribbons and colorful pictures known as "scrap".

And Who is this Cupid?

Another valentine icon you may be wondering about is Cupid (from Latin cupido, "desire"). In Roman mythology Cupid is the son of Venus, goddess of love. His counterpart in Greek mythology is Eros, god of love. Cupid is often said to be a mischievous boy who goes around wounding both gods and humans with his arrows, causing them to fall in love. The Romans believed white roses grew where the tears of Venus fell, as she mourned the loss of her beloved Adonis. Her son Cupid, while being stung by a bee, shot arrows in the rose garden; the sting of the arrows became thorns. Venus pricked her foot on a thorn, and the droplets of blood dyed the roses red.

Sending Roses on Valentine’s Day

Why should you send roses to your loved one this Valentine’s Holiday? The rose is the symbol of love, of magic, of hope, and of passion….perfect to let your loved one know how you feel about him/her! The rose represents ultimate beauty and perfection. It is the messenger of Romance!

A dozen red roses remains the classic Valentine's Day favorite (ok, it's a toss up between roses and chocolate - but we all knwo why chocolate is). However, many women report that they adore roses in other colors just as much. There are hundreds of colors to choose from. The choices are endless and it's easier than ever to select a rose that is as unique as your sweetheart.

Whatever your Valentine's gift to give or receive, have fun this holiday of love - may this little bit of history add to your enjoyment!
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Tips and Ideas for Valentine's Day

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day is near, what are you planning to do for your love one? I know you've read somewhere from the internet that you should surprise your love one by making your date creative, be interesting, plan well, and have sense of humor when doing all the above.

But what many people want to know about Valentine's Day tips are, what gifts should you choose? What ideas should you have to do for your surprises?

Here are 5 gifts tips for women to men:

1. Hi-tech gadgets and toys - this gift tips is suitable for 80% of men in the world! Get him some toys like Robo Sapien Robot, Paint Ball Kit, iPod. Pocket PC, Mp3 Players...etc

2. Car accessories - Is your men a car craz? Get a car magazine from your nearest bookstore and start looking for tips to shop for the best car accessories. This works only for men who are obsess with cars, so please do know your men.

3. Computer parts - Like men who love Hi-tech gadgets, there're as high as 80% men who love computers, you can know when men start to lecture about their geek hobby in computers. Get ideas from computer magazine and shop for the perfect computer upgrades parts as a gift.

4. Clothes - Some men have special taste in clothes. Forget the tie, get your man a stylish shirt, I'm sure he has lots of ties to go with it.

5. Perfume - If your man owns more clothes than you do, giving perfume as a gift will be a good idea.

Here are 5 gifts tips for men to women:

1. Write personalized love letter or poem - There is no shortcut; spend some time creating words from the bottom of your heart. I'm sure you can do it if you REALLY love her so much. And please don't copy from else where, dumb blonde may not be so dumb nowadays.

2. Flowers go with card, chocolates or jewelry - Some experts might say giving these may be showing you're predictable. But no doubt women still love men giving them these gifts, every woman loves attention from men.

3. Romantic Dinner - If you want to become a romantic Romeo of Valentine’s Day, plan a romantic evening by having a dinner with your lady.

4. Lingerie - This works best only IF you're very close with her. Don't get your lady lingerie for knowing her 3 days. Also, giving only lingerie might looks like an invitation for sex, and this will disappoint her by thinking all you have in mind is SEX.

5. Best gift, combine all from the above - a love letter in a card with roses, and a romantic dinner. Remember to use your creativity as there're many men out there might be doing the same. For example, give strawberries dipped in chocolates instead of just chocolates or choose the best bottle of red wine can be interesting to start your lovely evening.

Okay, enough for the gifts. How about some ideas for Valentine's Day? How to keep a Valentine's date interesting? Here're some ideas for you to start one:

1. Prepare a romantic dinner yourself, I’m talking about D.I.Y. You can easily pickup ay cookbook from your nearest bookstore or just purchase any e-cookbook online. Then pick the best 5 out from hundreds of recipes, from fine cuisines to exotic drinks.

2. Plan romantic activities, start from dinner to dance, then end the evening with a wonderful love affair. It can be done in your own house or just go out and have fun.

3. Do something special like in the movie, have a romantic picnic at the beach, on a boat, on a plane (if you're rich enough), on a roof top, ride horses to your dinner date, use trained animal to pass your gifts.

I'm sure by now you already have tons of creative ideas in your mind. Don't be afraid to try new things, it's Valentine's Day!
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Top 5 Valentine's Day Gift Mistakes

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mad rush in the markets especially gift shops, young and old people biting their teeth wondering what would be an ideal gift for their loved ones is a common sight in the month of February. For in the middle of the month comes the great Valentines Day occasion that is perhaps celebrated by all lovebirds across the globe.

Valentines Day is the day of love and affection. It is a day devoted to all those who are delighting in a blissful romantic relationship as well to those who either desire to inaugurate or stand on the verge to commence one such liaison.

However in both the cases the manner to express your feelings holds primary significance. The choice of the gift should be such that it speaks your loving and caring heart. Many times huge and expensive gifts are not able to do that while economical things such as flowers readily solve the purpose. So it is better to be careful, avoid some of the common gift mistakes and make a prudent choice of gift. For example

1. People on the occasion of Valentines Day largely prefer Greeting Cards or E-cards. It is because they feel that writing down their feelings is the best mode to express it. Consequently the prices of Valentines Day cards touch the sky.
Cards definitely make a good Valentines Day gift but not as good as gifting a bouquet of beautiful flowers. For a card once read is of no further use. It then finds its place inside the drawer or in between the pages of a book. Whereas flowers that embellish and fill your room with fragrance are kept in front of your eyes till they dry out. Moreover flowers do not require to be hidden from parents like cards that bear the name and feelings of the concerned person.

2. Gifting pricey mementos or souvenirs on Valentines Day is also not a wise choice. Firstly because of the expense you incur. Secondly the trouble you face and the time that is wasted in wandering from one gift shop to another.
Gifting flowers saves both your precious time and money because flowers can be easily chosen for any occasion (For instance red roses have always been emblems of love) and are not very expensive. Flowers can be conveniently sent to the desired destination through Internet too.

3. Most often guys and gals gift weight -reducing books to their beloveds. This is certainly not a judicious Valentines Day gift. Because it makes the other person feel conscious of his/her looks and of that fact that you desire to see changes in him/her. It presents your love in a ‘looks’ oriented manner.
So rather than hurting or annoying your loved ones on this day, it is better to gift them flowers that can be kept as a token of you love for long. All the changes that you want in your partner (weight loss etc.) can be taught later but on the very day of love and affection.

4. Gifting ugly looking clothes is quite popular Valentines Day gift. Since the gifts for these occasion are mostly taken clandestinely, the clothes so purchased hardly fit the concerned person. It thus turns out be a gift that is good for nothing.

5. Soft toys such as teddy bears; Barbie dolls etc. are also useless gifts for Valentines Day. Because the craze for these costly things lasts only for a few days or even 24 hours! Ultimately these bears and dolls are placed amongst their other companions.

While flowers have their own warmth and affection. The tender buds and petals best display your loving heart that is brimming with love like the nectar in the flowers.
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3 Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Many men use Valentine’s Day as the day to propose to their loved one. After all, it is the most romantic day of the year and it is a day you will always remember as the special day that you decided to become one. So, what are some romantic ways to propose? Here is a list of three ways to propose on Valentine’s Day that will definitely thrill your girlfriend.

1. Do it in front of her family

This all depends on how traditional your girlfriend is, of course. If she does not get along well with her family, this is a bad plan. But, if you know she is very close to her mother, father, siblings, grandparents, cousins, etc., this can be a great idea. Have them help you plan the special day.

Assign one of them to ask her to come to a family reunion on Valentine’s Day in order to get everyone together. Inform them of the real plan, but have them keep the secret from your girlfriend. When she tells you about the “reunion”, complain a bit about the “reunion” being on Valentine’s Day, but do not over do it to the point where she decides not to go.

If that happens, remind her that family is important and even though you would rather take her to a romantic dinner alone, you will go to the “reunion”. If you are very traditional, ask her parents for her hand in marriage before the party. Let the “reunion” go on for a while, so she really believes it is real. Designate a time when you are going to pop the question and inform the others beforehand (so they know it is going to happen) like when you put on a certain song or say something in particular.

Then, drop to one knee; tell her how special she is and that you’ve already received her parent’s permission to ask for her hand. Tell her you love her, ask her to marry you and give her the ring. Chances are she will say yes and the whole room will burst into applause. Make sure in advance that you have spoken to someone in the family about taking photos or a video when you ask so you will have the moment preserved on film.

2. Plan a weekend getaway

If Valentine’s Day is on the weekend, plan a getaway destination such as Las Vegas or Miami. This is a great way to propose if she likes doing spontaneous things and loves to travel. Don’t tell her until Friday afternoon when she gets off work. Pick her up at the office and say she has 30 minutes to get packed, that you have planned a weekend trip. To do this you will need to plan several things in advance.

You will need to get either airline tickets, train tickets (traveling by train can be very romantic), or get the driving directions. Make sure you have reservations at a romantic hotel. For example, if you are going to Miami, try to get a room on the beach. If you are going to Las Vegas, try to get a suite on the Strip at one of the nice hotels. You will have to have the stuff you will need for the weekend packed – including the ring. Hopefully, she will be so excited by the trip, she will think that is what the weekend is about. But, at a great romantic moment, like a walk on the beach or in front of the Bellagio when the fountains are going off, propose to her. If you are in Las Vegas, you can even get married there the same weekend.

3. Borrow from her favorite click flick

Most women love romantic click flicks and many include a proposal. If you know a movie she loves that has a romantic proposal scene, reenact it with her. If My Best Friend’s Wedding is her favorite movie, just holler out “Will you marry me?” as she is getting in her car to drive away. It is even better if she is getting on the train (which is how the movie version actually goes). If An Officer and a Gentleman is her favorite movie, walk in to her office, just pick her up in your arms, and carry her out. As you are carrying her out, ask her to marry you.

For this, you should probably consult her boss first. If she loves Sex and the City and you have a dog, take the dog out for a walk with her. When you stop to bend over and scoop the poop, pull out the ring just like Aidan did for Carrie. If you are not sure what her favorite chick flick is, ask. You can always use the premise that you are thinking about buying her the DVD copy for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to ask for a few of her favorites to be sure to find one that has a romantic proposal.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is a great idea and one that your girlfriend will surely love. If you have the right setting, it can be very romantic and something that you both will tell your grandchildren about one day.
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5 Fabulous Valentine Gift Ideas For Her

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you have no idea how to show your love for your special girl. Don’t worry: here are several ideas you can use now, and be a hero.

1. Roses! I know what you are thinking: boring, thoughtless, not good enough, etc. Well, here is a way to make giving roses very special: buy her a dozen roses and place a pearl inside each rose bud. As the rose buds open, the pearls will be revealed as an extra surprise. Once she finds all your pearls, take them to the jewelry store and have them strung into a necklace - something your true love will be able to hold onto once the roses are gone.

2. Say "I love you" for 12 entire months with a coupon book filled with favors that she can redeem throughout the year. Choose a different favor for each month of the year that she can redeem on any day of the month. Here are some suggestions: a foot massage, a back rub, cleaning up after dinner, a night out alone, etc.

3. Hershey's Kisses automatically say, "I Love You”. Try a new twist to this traditional gift by carefully unwrapping each kiss, taking out the paper tag, and replacing the tag with your own handmade messages that start off by saying, "I love you because…". Think of as many different reasons as you can come up with. Then carefully wrap the kisses back in foil with their new tags clearly displayed through the top of each kiss.

4. A romantic night at home - Purchase the dozen roses you are accustomed to buying on Valentine's Day, but do not give them to her on the stems. Instead, create a romantic atmosphere by running her a hot bubble bath complete with candlelight, soft love songs, and fragrant bath oil. While she is enjoying her relaxing bath, gently pull the rose petals off of the stems and sprinkle them from the bathroom door to the bedroom, creating a path for her to follow. Sprinkle several petals on the bed and one long stem rose on her pillow. Enhance the magical night by purchasing some exotic massage oil and treating her to a massage she will never forget!

5. If funds are sparse, instead of a traditional expensive dinner in a restaurant, take her somewhere she will never suspect. Pack a picnic basket filled with her favorite treats, a bottle of wine, and candles. Take along a couple of blankets, a battery-operated CD player, and several romantic CDs. Drive to the park or somewhere with a secluded atmosphere and treat her to a picnic for two. Before the night is over, surprise her with a small token of your love - something you have made for her on your own (a special Valentine’s Day card, a bookmark, a coupon book, etc.)

Now pick an idea and run with it! Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!
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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Married Couples

For young dating couples that are still experiencing the passion and all-encompassing rush of new love, Valentine’s Day can hold great importance. Impressing someone with elaborate gifts can be one way of telling the person that you are dating that you think they are special, and that you have great hopes for the relationship. Valentine’s Day gifts in this stage of a relationship can tell people a lot about each other, and can be a good indicator of where the relationship may be headed.

What about people who have been married for a while?

For married couples Valentine’s Day isn’t less important…just different and, in many ways, better. It is a time to celebrate love and reminisce about all the Valentine’s Days that you have spent together. Gifts given on Valentine’s Day to a spouse can have much more significance, because you should know your spouse well enough to give something that has special meaning. A diamond anniversary band or three stone ring given to a wife tells her that you are glad that you married her and that you value your life together. A gold watch given to a husband tells him that you appreciate him and want him to have the very best.

Married couples don’t have to give elaborate gifts on Valentine’s Day; a meaningful gift that says you care or a sweet gesture of love are just as special. When you are married, the thought that is put into the gift is the important factor. A jewelry gift that says “I know you, and I know what makes you happy” goes a long way toward making someone feel that they are special and valued. If your wife likes heart shapes then giving her a diamond heart pendant or bracelet with heart-shaped charms can mean much more to her than simply handing her a gold chain. It shows that you know what she likes, you listen to her, that you put thought into the gift. Jewelry that celebrates each other’s individuality as well as the life that you have made together can be priceless, no matter what the actual cost.

Giving your spouse something they have been considering buying for a while is a good way to show your love. To come up with an original Valentine’s Day gift think about what is important to your spouse; what makes him or her happy. Does your husband love to golf? Give him a gift certificate for a round of golf at his favorite course. Does your wife love classical music? Tickets for a night out to see the symphony let’s you plan a second night to spend together. A gift of jewelry is a lasting reminder of this Valentine’s Day and your relationship – and jewelry is always appreciated. And don’t forget about giving flowers – they may seem traditional but flowers brighten a winter day and are romantic. One of the reasons that successful marriages stay that way is because the spouses try never to take each other for granted, and the right gift on Valentine’s Day can go a long way in proving your commitment to that ideal.

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