Christmas Gifts for Her – A Unique Approach

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means you need to come up with Christmas gifts for her. Instead of stressing out, consider the following approach.

Christmas Gifts for Her – Gift Ideas

As the holidays approach, we are all subjected to a frustrating phenomenon. What the heck should I get for my wife, sister, mother, daughter and so on? We each arrive at the answer differently, but it usually comes in one of the following forms.

1. You see something while browsing a web site or moving with the herds at the mall,

2. You buy something you like, which of course means she will like it [lingerie?], or

3. You give up and buy soothing oils and such for the bath.

Entire industries have been set up around mans inability to think of good gift ideas for women. Next time you are the mall, take a look at the “bubble bath” stores. While you agonize of whether to go with the peach fragrances or the lavender skin restorer, you should try to keep in mind what such gifts say to her. When she opens the gift, she’ll think that you really didn’t put much thought into and react accordingly. This, of course, means there better be a little box somewhere under the tree containing a rare precious gem or car keys!

A Better Way

The best method for coming up with Christmas gifts for her is to consider what she really likes. Importantly, this does not mean considering what you think she SHOULD really like. Put another way, tickets to the next football game are not going to cut it. Instead, really give some thought to what she does when she has some spare time.

If she likes to go antique shopping, then buy her something related to antiques. Preferably, this should be a book or something discussing antiques, not actual antiques. Men have no taste, so don’t risk buying an antique she hates. Trust me on this one.

If your wife or daughter likes to get out into nature, you should consider something along those lines. If she likes to go for walks to get away from the chaos of the home, consider getting her something related to hiking. This could include things such as a book detailing the local hikes in your area or a Nomad Hiking Journal that will let her keep a diary of where she hiked and with who. Regardless, the point is you should give her something related to his passion.

The biggest key to coming up with Christmas gift ideas for her is to think about her. What does SHE like to do in her down time? Figure out the answer to that and you are well on your way to finding gifts that will go over big.
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Christmas Gifts for Him – It’s That Time Again

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is time to start trying to think of creative gift ideas. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for him, here’s the right approach.

Christmas Gifts – What to Get

As the holidays approach, we are all subjected to a frustrating phenomenon. What the heck should I get for my brother, dad, husband, etc.? We each arrive at the answer differently, but it usually comes in one of the following forms.

1. You see something while browsing a web site or moving with the herds at the mall,

2. You identify a person’s passion and then try to find something related to it, or

3. You buy them a sweater.

I have lots of sweaters. I live in San Diego. A cold day in San Diego is 70 degrees. I do not need more sweaters! Undoubtedly, many men have the same views on this subject. Don’t even mention ties, underwear or socks!

A Better Way

The best method for coming up with gift ideas is to think about what the person likes to do and then find something in that niche. If they like to go fishing, buy them something fishing-related. Yes, another sweater would keep them warm, but I’m willing to bet they already have a pile in the closet threatening to fall like an avalanche from the top shelf.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for him, consider his passion. By “him”, I mean husbands, brothers, dads, friends, postman and anyone of the male gender. What is his passion? Try to keep in mind it is not your passion or what you think his passion SHOULD be.

Let’s assume he likes to go fishing on the weekends. His eyes will light up if he opens a present and finds a fishing-related gift. No, a “fishing” sweater doesn’t count. Instead, you should consider things like fishing poles, apparel, hooks or even a chartered tour if you really want to go crazy. At, we offer outdoor activity journals for fishing, hiking, camping, traveling and so on to let him keep track of his trips and catches. Regardless, the point is you should give him something related to his passion.

Nearly every man has an outdoor passion whether it is fishing, camping, bird watching, rock climbing or whatever. Get them a gift related to their outdoor passion and you’ll be a successful gift giver. Do so and you’ll even be forgiven for getting them a sweater.

Well, maybe.
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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

This article is a crash course in how to decorate a christmas tree. Your first step is to choose either a natural or artificial tree. Keep in mind that a natural evergreen tree only comes in one color - green. Artificial trees however are now sold in practically every color of the rainbow. Just remember, whatever color you choose will become your canvas for adding more color in the form of garlands, tinsel and decorations.

Your second step is deciding which color schemes go best with what color of tree. Green Christmas trees, both natural and artificial, look best with primary colors such as green, blue and red. White christmas trees look best with a red theme, pink theme, a gold theme or a silver theme or any combination of the above.  Blue Christmas trees look best with gold or silver decorations. Red Christmas trees look great with green or pink decorations.

The third step in this course about how to decorate a christmas tree is about lighting. If you are going to buy a natural tree you will need to buy a strand of bulbs or diodes. Traditional strands of christmas bulbs come in a variety of decorative shapes and sizes including the vintage egg shape, tiny twinkling lights and rope lights. However if you buy an artificial tree you may be able to get one that is prelit. The prettiest prelit christmas trees boast fiber optic needles that give the tree a glow of its own.  Especially gorgeous are the white christmas trees that boast fiber optics at their tips. These trees remind many people of angel feathers.

The fourth step is investigating the types of decorations that are available to you.  The most basic is the garland. A garland is simply any kind of strand of objects that can be used to circle the tree. You can make a garland yourself out of cooked popcorn, holly berries or candy. You can also use a long length of ribbon and attach bows to it. Of course there are all types of garlands available commercially on the market.  Most popular are the garlands made of furry bunches of white or gold tinsel. Red and green tinsel garlands can look especially nice on white christmas trees.

If you are traditionally minded you might want to consider decorating your tree with glass christmas balls. These are either hand blown or created in a factory. Many of them are painted and decorated with glitter. You can buy these as globes, flutes, tubes and also in the shape of musical instruments, angels and other Christmas themes. However if you have small children, you might want to opt for the plastic versions of these decorative balls as they don't shatter if they fall off the tree.

An important tip to remember when decorating trees with glass balls is to place the larger ornaments at the bottom of the tree and the smaller ones at the top. This helps keep the total effect of the tree in a pleasing proportion to the decorations.

Of course, christmas decorations don't have to be expensive. You can make your own out of paper that is cut into the shape of snowflakes and other xmas themes. Candies (especially the candy cane), apples, oranges and cookies (especially gingerbread cookies) can also be used as xmas decorations. Red christmas trees look especially good decorated with white shortbread cookies decorated with glitter. White christmas trees look great decorated with home made presents made from tiny boxes wrapped in shiny foil.

Another decoration to consider is tinsel. Strands of tinsel can be hung from the branches to simulate icicles. One tip when hanging tinsel is to hang it in clumps from the edges of the branches. Hanging single or just a couple of strands all over the tree makes it look messy.

The fifth step when it comes to decorating a christmas tree is to choose some kind of tree topper. Commercially you can buy tree-toppers in just about every Christmas motif imaginable including angels, snowmen, teddy bears and of course, the Christmas star.  You can buy christmas tree toppers that glow with fiber optic diodes that twirl, play tinkly music and blink on and off. However it is not hard to make your own christmas tree topper. Perhaps the simplest version is a cardboard star that is wrapped in tin foil. Sometimes the home made decorations and tree toppers have more sentimental value than the store bought ones.

The sixth step in this crash course on how to decorate a christmas tree is to make sure you disguise the base of the tree with some kind of Christmas tree skirt. This is simply a mat that is draped around the base and on the floor. It can be made out of shiny or velvet fabric or you can buy commercially made ones that feature xmas motifs in stores and online.  Some tree skirts can be quite ornate, decorated with sequins and embroidery. However their original function was to catch the candle drippings from candles on the tree and catch any dropping needles from natural christmas trees.

Another interesting addition, especially if you are a Christian is to place a small nativity scene beneath the Christmas tree on the mat. You can buy Christmas nativity scenes made of wood, metal or plastic. Also popular is a toy train set that runs in a circle around the Christmas tree.

A seventh and final consideration when it comes to how to decorate your christmas tree is a practice called flocking. Flocking is fluffy white stuff, kind of like silly string that is sprayed all over the tree to simulate snow. This gives just about any tree a real 50's or country style feel and it is very unique to tree decorating traditions in the United States and Canada. However it is not recommended for artificial white christmas trees as the effect would be a little bit of overkill.
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6 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

How can you shop for a woman who already owns everything she wants? It’s not as difficult as you may think because there’s always a unique approach at buying for the woman who seemingly has a closet full of clothes or a box full of jewelry. Besides, there’s always room for one more outfit or piece of jewelry.

Gift Idea For Her #1: Diamonds

Diamonds are timeless and always in style. The most commonly found are white diamonds, but what about a blue, cognac or black diamond? These are becoming more readily available and are quite stunning. They are certainly not something that you see at the local jewelry store without seeing a huge price tag to match. If you’re looking for a nice selection of jewelry for Christmas gift ideas, at an affordable price, browse around the internet and compare prices.

Gift Idea For Her #2: Snuggly Pajamas

Being that Christmas falls in winter, it’s always nice to have a pair of snuggly pajamas for those chilly evenings. Fleece pants come in a variety of adorable designs and, matched with a cotton t-shirt, are perfectly comfortable for an evening at home and make wonderful Christmas gift ideas.

Gift Idea For Her #3: Naming a Star in Her Honor

If she is the star in your life, let her know by naming a star in her honor. There are quite a few novelty stores online, which offer star naming services. For a set price, you can name a star, give it a dedication date and present it as a gift to the special lady in your life. Along with a star information kit, the buyer receives a certificate suitable for framing and a map to indicate the location of the star. The specialty store usually offers a framing package, but you can save some big bucks if you buy a nice frame at a local store and frame it yourself. It’s almost certain that she doesn’t already have her own star, so this will be a truly unique Christmas gift idea.

Gift Idea For Her #4: Foot Massager

How many times does she say how nice it would be to sit down? What if, while she was sitting, she could get a foot massage? There are plenty of foot massagers, especially near the holidays, that are made available for sale. Some have water to give a spa-like treatment while others allow you to slip your foot inside just as you would a slipper. Either would make a nice gift for the woman who’s on her feet all day.

Gift Idea For Her #5: Personalized Birthstone Ring

Personalization is always a nice Christmas gift idea. Consider a personalized birthstone ring or a ring which includes the birthstones of the special people in her life. An initial pin is also a great way to go and a classic addition to a turtleneck sweater, as well.

Gift Idea For Her #6: A Gift Certificate

If all else fails, consider a gift certificate or gift card for use at her favorite store. This option is terrific for the woman who is truly impossible to shop for because, this way, she can do the shopping for herself. When selecting a store, make sure it’s one that she frequents so that you know it’s a favorite. A box of her favorite chocolates, or other candy, would also make a thoughtful touch.
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4 Fun And Easy To Make Homemade Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas decorations are some of the most unique. They are also a lot of fun because you can enjoy them with your family. Below are 4 fun and easy to make homemade Christmas decorations:

Popcorn Stringing

If you like strung popcorn, it’s really simple to make. Start with a big bowl of popcorn (unbuttered, of course) and string it piece by piece using a standard sewing needle and thread. Make sure there’s plenty of popcorn because, if you’re stringing it for garland, you’re going to need a lot.

Cranberry Stringing

Much like the popcorn stringing method, many people used to string cranberries using a standard needle and thread. Again, make sure there’s plenty to go around if you’re going to use it as garland. Most importantly, and I know it’s tempting, don’t eat all the decorations. Save some for the Christmas tree.

Paper Chains

One of the greatest memories of decorating for Christmas, as a child, has to be the traditional paper chains. Using green and red construction paper, cut horizontal strips of each color. Fold them into a circle and seal with tape. Scotch tape is recommended and, if you use this when your child is young, the smell will always remind them of Christmas. It will likely become "Christmas tape" to them. Once you have a complete circle, take another strip in an alternating color and run it through the first circle. Next, fold it around and seal with tape. Complete this step until you have a big strand of paper garland in red and green. You and your child will enjoy doing this together and it will create wonderful memories for you both.

Lighted Wreath

If you love the look of a lighted wreath, but don’t quite have a budget for one of the more expensive ones, consider another option. You can purchase a plain green wreath very inexpensively. A small strand of lights can cost anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00. But, put them together and you have the look of a professionally lighted Christmas wreath. For this project, you could use either clear or multi-colored Christmas lights. Simply take the plain green wreath and wrap the lights around in a design similar to the stripes on a candy cane. Once you’ve gone all the way around, tuck the last light into the green of the wreath. Make sure that you place it near an electric outlet because there won’t be a lot of extra cord. Now that you’re ready, plug it in and see your very own design. A red bow is a nice touch, but not necessary. As people drive by, they will see a beautifully lit wreath in your window and they will have no idea that you saved a few bucks by wrapping the lights yourself.
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Christmas Time: Giving of Your Self

As we ready ourselves to celebrate yet another Christmas to honor the birth of our Lord Jesus let us remember that this is a time to focus on the many blessings in our lives. Each day should be a day to focus on these things we hold dear that the Lord has brought to us but Christmas time is especially good for bringing these things that we should always notice to the forefront of our minds and our thoughts.

Christmas time is about giving and not only in the way of handing out material presents to one another that we purchase from the many stores we have to choose from but it's mainly a time of giving the most important things like an ear to someone who needs to be listened to or a coat for a small child who is need of one. Handing out and giving can be done best by giving someone a smile when they are feeling down or encouragement to get past the gloom they might feel in order to stand tall and move onward with joy.

Christmas time giving can mean giving a home to a small animal that otherwise would be alone and cold and miserable out in the elements with nobody to care for them. All these things make a difference in the world and they might not individually heal all that needs to be healed but each offering of kindness furthers the cause of bringing true love and peace to a world badly in need of these things.

A few material gifts are fine and are especially welcome from the children who wait for old Saint Nick to come and spread his joy to the children but among the joy of the material should also be a lesson that the best and most important gifts come from inside and are given from the heart and soul from one human being to another.

I feel that even as we watch the nightly news that tells us of the many sad and evil things of this world that goodness overcomes and goodness makes up the majority of the people of this world.

As the three wisemen were guided by the star of Bethlehem to the manger to witness the miracle of the birth of Jesus let's also use that same light that shines in us from Jesus to guide our hearts to do good deeds and make another human being feel special and cared for in the most important ways by the power of love and mercy.

Let the lesson of Jesus being turned away from the Inn inspire us not to turn away from someone or something that may be in need of our help and our light to shine on them. The power of the human spirit and the human heart can work wonders and the pureness of a kind act can turn wrong into right.

This holiday season let that same pureness flow from within your heart and into anothers and let's make Jesus proud to be our Father and our Lord by our actions that are inspired by his love for us.

May you and your family have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year and may the light of the lord always shine upon you and carry you in your time of need.
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A Christmas History Lesson

Monday, November 16, 2009

he Twelve Days of Christmas is one of the most famous Christmas carols ever written.  It has been sung for a great many years, and is known the world over.  To most it is a delightful hymn, but it was originally created with a very serious intent.  In England between the years of 1558 and 1829, it was illegal to practice Catholicism in public or private.  It was essentially a crime to be Catholic in England during those years.

The Twelve Days of Christmas was written to help preserve the traditions of the Catholic faith during the years that Catholicism was banned in England.  The song is steeped in symbolism, and the fact that it is so well known throughout the world is a testament to the faith of the followers of the Catholic doctrine.  The symbols contained in the song are as follows:

  1. 1st verse – "True Love" refers to God.
  2. 2nd verse – "2 Turtle Doves" refers to the Old and New Testaments.
  3. 3rd verse – "3 French Hens" refers to Faith, Hope, and Charity.
  4. 4th verse – "4 Calling Birds" refers to the Four Gospels or the Four Evangelists.
  5. 5th verse – "5 Golden Rings" refers to the first five Books of the Old Testament.
  6. 6th verse – "6 Geese-a-laying" refers to the six days of creation.
  7. 7th verse – "7 Swans-a-swimming" refers to the seven sacraments.
  8. 8th verse – "8 Maids-a-milking" refers to the eight beatitudes.
  9. 9th verse – "9 Ladies dancing" refers to the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit.
  10. 10th verse – "10 Lords-a-leaping" refers to the Ten Commandments.
  11. 11th verse – "11 Pipers piping" refers to the eleven faithful apostles.
  12. 12th verse – "12 Drummers drumming" refers to the twelve points of the Apostle’s creed.

I love this song.  It is, by far, my favorite Christmas carol.  I had no idea about the symbols contained in the song, until I googled the song lyrics one afternoon.  I find it very interesting that a song we all know so well could contain so many hidden meanings.  I would never have guessed that it was anything more than lovely Christmas carol.  It’s always nice to learn something new, especially about the wonderful celebration of Christmas.  I hope you learned something, too.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
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3 Steps To Having An Old Fashioned Christmas Holiday

There are many Christmas traditions that are gradually being lost in today's high-tech, always-on-the-go world. But Christmas is the perfect time to slow things down and get back to basics to really enjoy the season. The following are three ways to have a traditional, old-fashioned Christmas.

1. Decorations

For many people, decorations are what make Christmas time special. The right decorations can set the mood for a traditional Christmas and let the whole family get involved in creating the Christmas spirit.

Start with an old-fashioned Christmas tree. Traditional decorations were all hand-made. Take a day early in December to get the whole family together to create the decorations such as stringed popcorn and chains made from colorful paper. Play Christmas music, serve eggnog and get everyone into the spirit.

Check your local thrift or antique shop for some old-fashioned decorations. Wax or blown-glass ornaments were commonplace in years past, and there are often some great examples to be found in thrift stores for next to nothing.

You can also look for antique tins with Christmas themes. These make great candy or fruit dishes.

2. Baking and Cooking

Baking and cooking come a close second to the Christmas tree for setting the mood for Christmas. Cookies, pies, and hot cider are all staples of an old-fashioned Christmas celebration.

The entire family can take part - even the non-bakers. They can help to decorate the sugar cookies or gingerbread men. Kids can help cut the cookie shapes before they're baked.

3. Christmas Day

There are plenty of Christmas day traditions that can help create old-fashioned fun. Find someone to play Santa Claus and deliver the presents for everyone in the family.

Make the gift exchange time special. Don't just tear into them en mass, give everyone a chance to open them separately. This gives everyone a better chance to show their appreciation, and people get to watch their reactions.

If you're lucky enough to have a white Christmas, take some time out of the day to go sledding or have a snowball fight. Top it off by serving hot cider or hot chocolate.

These family traditions can be passed on from generation to generation, with each one adding their own extras.
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A Perfect Family Christmas Gift

There’s no denying that Christmas time is fast approaching. Aside from Christmas decors, one of the most popular items purchased during this special season include a wide array of Christmas gifts. Being a major attraction for everyone, Christmas gifts are anticipated by everyone especially those by families and family members.


Christmas is indeed a very special time for families all over the world. Bringing the joy and excitement of Christmas time into its fullest form are family Christmas gifts and presents. Each and everyone of us would want to give our parents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, husbands, wives a special family present.

Like finding that elusive gift for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, choosing the perfect family Christmas gift can be a strenuous and tedious task. To help you find the perfect gift for your family members, here are some gift ideas and presents that will surely make their Christmas season merrier.

Among the so many family Christmas gift ideas out there, handmade family Christmas presents always top the list. Aside from being unique, various selections of family Christmas presents also reflect the value of the recipient.

Hand-made Christmas gifts may include a special painting of a family, a sculpture that symbolizes family unity, or pieces of clothing that embody familial spirit. Family picture or a picture of a specific family member placed in a special hand-made frame is also an excellent choice.

If you’re on a tight budget and would still want to provide something for your family members, worry no more because family Christmas gifts need not be expensive. All you have to do is to know the interests of each family member and personalized something for them.

Inexpensive family Christmas presents may include customized Christmas cards and home-made cookies, home-cooked meals and delights, a personal shopping spree for them or a day of special service. Remember, when giving gifts, the monetary value of the item of the present counts, it’s the thought behind it that really matters.

But, if you really want to give something concrete for a present, here are some unique family Christmas gifts you can choose from:

1. One-year subscription of the family’s favorite magazine or newspaper. If the whole family is into reading a specific magazine or a newspaper, why not surprise them a year of subscription? Aside from helping your parents out in cutting expenses caused by subscription, this is also a practical idea because all of the family members will benefit from it.

2. A new Bible. If your family is Catholic, a new Bible will definitely be a prized possession. You can buy a newest or latest version in hardbound or if you want to be somehow techy, an audio Bible is perfect for the whole family especially for those members who love to drive.

3. A music CD. If the family loves to listen to a certain artist or inclined to a specific music genre, a music cd will definitely be a hit.

4. Lots of video or DVD. If almost all of the family members are movie buffs, it would be a pleasant surprise for each and every one of them if you buy quality movies in DVD. Aside from being able to share it with everyone, copies of timeless movies can also be an investment in the future.

5. Fun stuff and games for the family. If you’re family is into playing a specific game together for a bonding, then fun stuff and games such as board games, projects, and activities will be appreciated.
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Baby's Christmas Cry - Let Me Live Another Day

Christmas the jolly festive season for good will gestures kindness and happiness is upon us once again.

December 25th the lord's birthday is a day for family gatherings where relatives even strangers unite to celebrate his invisible presence. If Christmas were every day where the atmosphere is filled with joyous and harmonious people? What a wonderful world this would be.

Children prepare for Santa's arrival with a thank you plate of biscuits and a glass of milk. The bigger kid's like mum/dad intend to over excite themselves too watching the kids unwrap their presents. Then we have the belly bursting feast of turkey with all the trimmings followed by apple pie and custard. But sadly to say all the joys that Christmas brings is not bestowed on every one.

Unfortunately some children celebrate Christmas from a hospital bed due to saddening events which may have taken place where instead of receiving a kiss and a cuddle on Christmas day they received a merciless beating. No joyous moments for babies on a mortuary slab.

Innocent of any crime the weakest links will suffer more pain under the hands of their abusers. This ongoing torture for toddlers/wife's partners etc is escalating out of control causing an epidemic of sadism which has to stop. To many merciless beatings have caused death to a victim all because the abuser needs his/her daily fix of fulfilment where they celebrate Christmas with blood on their hands and a smile.

Help is out there for those looking for the reason behind why they cause so much sorrow and pain on their defenceless loved ones. Talk to someone and by doing this you have taken the first step in your quest to make every Christmas from now on happy ones.

Then we have the inhabitants of famine stricken countries suffering from starvation seeking to survive on flour and milk alone. Our flour comes in the shape of a loaf, our milk churned into butter/cheese.

Before keeping up with tradition where you get to stuff your self with roast parsnips and turkey be sure to say grace and to take in the meaning of every word. "Bless us O Lord for what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful. Amen"

Far from our thoughts are the less fortunate so remember to say a prayer. And for the innocent victim of abuse who's cry for help go unheard.  I ask you as a friend or neighbour to be extra vigilant of any situation that may give you reason for concern for a child's safety.

By doing this you may be giving that child the best Christmas gift ever and that is to live for another day.

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